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StarrMatica Learning Systems - Log In

StarrMatica Learning Systems is an online educational software company that helps elementary educators effectively use technology to teach reading and math. Standards-based animated instructional movies, interactive activities, and learning games are integrated into classroom instruction with interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors or beamers, and personal computers.



DISCLAIMER: We are NOT Arise; we partner with them in order to use their Platform Services and connect individuals such as yourself to the Client Program Opportunities. Doing business with McIntosh Staffing Agency, LLC is a great opportunity for those seeking a "home based" career option without the risks, high costs, or fee's associated to own your own legal business .


Your First Look at the Starmatic™ Schedule Management ...

Your First Look at the Starmatic™ Schedule Management Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) You could call it our shining star. It pops up as a topic of conversation in service management, and it has won awards in innovative technology.


Client Chat Room Login Page

Arise Login. This is the same login that you use when accessing StarMatic Quick Post. UserName: Password:


Customer Service Outsourcing Redefined | Arise

The Arise Platform allows Service Partners to handle more calls for you, and then they schedule themselves in 30-minute increments to make sure you pay only for productive time. You win both ways. Bottom line: Arise is the virtual answer for a flexible, authentic customer experience. We’ve got this.


Kodak Brownie Starmatic | Camerapedia | Fandom

1959 ad. The Kodak Brownie Starmatic was a high-end part of Kodak's Brownie Star series, made between April 1959 & August 1963.. The Brownie Starmatic was the first automatic Brownie camera. Featuring the standard, fixed-focus Kodar lens and "Instant" shutter setting, this little gem also sports Automatic Exposure control.

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